PMP Formula Guide

Mohammad Fahad Usmani
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In this PMP Formula Guide you will find all of the mathematical formulas mentioned in the sixth edition of the PMBOK Guide. All formulas are explained with the help of simple examples so you can understand the formulas and apply the concepts in the PMP exam.

All formula-based questions are explained with every possible detail, and a practice question is given for each to test your understanding. If you find the mathematical questions for the PMP exam difficult to solve, this eBook is for you.

I sincerely believe that once you finish reading this guide, you will not have any problems solving mathematical questions in the PMP exam.


●  Each formula is explained with a simple example

●  Aligned with the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide

●  Covers all formulas for the PMP exam

●  Detailed solutions to all examples and practice questions


●  Helps you understand the PMP formulas

●  Helps you analyze the logical interpretation of the answers

●  Elevates your confidence in solving mathematical questions

●  Helps you select the correct formula based on the situation

Since this book is available in three formats (pdf, mobi, and epub), you can read this formula guide on any device you own.

With all these features and benefits, this eBook is available at a very affordable price.

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